Advice and support

Impact assessments and other studies

Impact assessments and other studies

Dealing with an archaeological encumbrance in a project and unsure of your obligations? I can help you.


Impact assessments and other studies

Impact assessments and other studies

Impact assessments and other studies

  • Archaeological potential studies
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Archaeological digs
  • Material culture analyses
  • Summary analyses and baseline studies
  • Research for Aboriginal land claims


Community projects and outreach

Impact assessments and other studies

Community projects and outreach

  • Conferences
  • Public archaeology projects
  • Writing for the general public
  • Production of interpretation panels
  • Project fundraising
  • Other engaging archaeology projects for your community

About me


François Guindon, PhD


I have been a professional archaeologist for almost 20 years and specialize in Aboriginal heritage. I also provide general consulting services for all types of archaeological projects in Quebec and Labrador. I earned a master’s (M.Sc.) degree from the University of Montreal in 2006, and a PhD from the University of Aberdeen, UK, in 2013. Over the years, I have also worked for a variety of clients, including First Nations organizations, community organizations, private consulting firms, and government agencies.


World-class research projects

I have carried out various research projects on the colonial interactions between First Nations and non-Aboriginal peoples after the first Europeans arrived in North America  in about 1500 A.D. I have published articles in the Canadian Journal of Archaeology, Archéologiques, Journal of Material Culture, and Arctic Anthropology and a chapter in a collective work. I have also produced many research reports.


Extensive experience in Quebec archaeology

After an internship in Lac Mégantic with the University of Montreal in 2001, I worked for the Corporation Archéo-08 and then for various archaeology firms as a freelance archaeologist until 2009. I also worked for the Cree Regional Authority from 2005 to 2009, in context of hydroelectric development. The projects involved Cree communities and included a training component for local workers. After obtaining a PhD (2010–2013), I joined the Regional Board of Elected Officials of the North Shore (CRÉ Côte-Nord) as a program coordinator managing a nearly $400,000 budget. 

After the Regional Boards of Elected Officials were dissolved in Quebec (2015), I joined a group of volunteers to create a non-profit called Archéo-Mamu Côte-Nord, where I acted as executive director until 2019. In my four years as executive director, I increased the organization’s annual revenues to more than $400,000 and led various consulting and community projects. I left Archéo-Mamu in 2019 to start my own consulting business. 

I now offer my unique expertise to clients in the public and private sectors.

Recent projects


Potential study and survey at the classified heritage site of Pointe-des-Monts Lighthouse (SODEC), 2019

Fundraising and salvaging human burial sites at Pointe du Vieux-Poste on the Natashquan River, Côte-Nord (Conseil des Innus de Nutashkuan), 2018–2019

Archaeological impact study and consulting, Ashuapmushuan wildlife reserve, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean (SÉPAQ) , 2019

Archaeological survey as part of impact studies for repair work on rue principale and municipal infrastructure in Longue-Rive , Côte-Nord (Ministère des Transports), 2018–2019

Archaeological supervision at various national historic sites of Canada (Parks Canada), 2017–2019

Various archaeological surveys as part of impact studies for construction of Highway 85, Bas-Saint-Laurent (Norda Stelo, Tetra Tech Inc., SNC-Lavalin), 2017–2018